EcQlink El7000 HD Receiver Cccam Cline Method

EcQlink El7000 HD Receiver Cccam Cline Method. How To Enter Cccam Cline In EcQlink El7000 HD Receiver. Follow the tutorial below to enter Cline in EcQlink El-7000 HD receiver. You can get Free Test Cline For Dish TV For NSS-6.


How to Enter Cline in EcQlink El7000 HD Receiver

Follow the below lines to enter Cline in EcQlink El7000 HD satellite receiver.

  • ¬†First of all Press Menu button on your remote and goto Multimedia.
  • Press 1506 from your remote control, it will enable sharing option.
  • Now go to Sharing and press OK button.
  • Now select Active option On, Set Protocol to Cccam, Enter your server IP address, Cline Port, username & password as shown below.

HD receiver Cccam option 1

  • After adding complete details of your Cline, press the blue button on your remote to connect to Cccam server. After few moments, you will be connected and all your scrambled channels will be unlocked on this server.
  • If it is not connecting, give it another try after restarting your receiver.

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