How to Block Adult Websites from Kids on Google Chrome

It is very difficult for parents to monitor their kids all the time while they are using the internet. There are chances that an adult website will accidentally open in front of your kid. These websites will affect your kid mentality. Different methods are available to block adult websites. In this article, we discuss how to block adult websites in google chrome. Chrome is the most used web browser around the world. More than 66% of internet users are browsing through chrome. You can easily block adult websites in google chrome. Many chrome extensions are available to block adult websites. Here we review the most used chrome extension which is named as Adult Blocker.

block adult websites in chrome

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Adult Blocker

Adult Blocker is most used chrome extension to block adult websites. Adult Blocker restricts the access of children to undesirable sites, such as porn websites and websites where there is propaganda of violence. Adult Blocker provides an insightful analysis of the content and filters the page before to load content, allowing you to block adult content, thereby providing better protection for your children. The extension performs analysis of web pages for bad words and phrases. Adult Blocker has a function of black and white lists for online resources in making sites in data sets, access to them is blocked or allowed, regardless of other filtering settings. If you think that your child is still too early to sit on a certain social network or go to some specific sites,  you can add them to the blacklist. Whitelist reverse tool will allow you to view sites that fell under the content filter.

Plugin Features:

  • Lock pages with unwanted information.
  • Disable the plugin for a certain time.
  • Exception for sites black and white lists.
  • Displaying the number of blocked requests.
  • The ability to hide the icon from the panel.
  • Multi-language support.

If you require help about this extension, share your experience in comments. I will try to provide a better solution for you.

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