Zong Weekly Internet Package List & Activation Codes

Zong Weekly Internet Package List & Activation Codes. Zong weekly 4G internet packages, offers & bundles details like Free MBs, 24 hours and nightly. It offers 4G internet at superfast browsing and downloading speed. The Zong weekly internet package list with affordable prices and subscription codes updated here.

Zong weekly internet package

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Zong Weekly Internet Package List Details

Zong weekly internet package list is Zong 4G weekly Premium & Zong 4G super weekly bundle. The details of Zong 4G weekly internet packages are mentioned below.

1. Zong 4G Weekly Premium

  • 700 MB
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Activation Code: Write weekly in new SMS and send to 6464
  • Package Price: Rs. 70

2. Zong 4G Super Weekly

  • 2GB
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Subscription Code: *2*1#
  • Package Price: Rs. 120

Zong Internet Information

  • These are limited time offers and subjects to change their terms and prices at any time by Zong.
  • All taxes are included in the package price.
  • The data bundles are for prepaid customers only and postpaid customers are not eligible to activate the bundles.
  • All these packages will auto-renew after expiration if you have sufficient balance.
  • The data bundles can be subscribed as many times as you want within the validation period.
  • Sms unsub + package name to 6464 to unsubscribe to any package for example unsub dto.
  • 4G packages can also be used with the 2G and 3G network.
  • Beware of default rate of Rs. 4 plus tax per MB, if you use the internet without subscribing any data bundle.
  • Dial *102# to check remaining MBs of your data bundle.
  • To check your balance dial *222#
  • Dial *911# to get an advance loan of Rs. 20 which will be deducted from your next recharge, service charges will apply.
  • You can also all data bundles to dial *6464# string code.
  • It is your responsibility to use biometric verified SIM to avoid any security concerns.
  • Dial Zong Helpline 310 for any further inquiry.

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