Ufone Daily Internet Package & Offers

Ufone Daily Internet Package & Offers details. Ufone daily internet packages, bundles & offers details with activation codes. The prices of Ufone internet packages a bit high but it offers very fast internet speed. Ufone internet bundles are for Ufone prepaid customers only and postpaid customers can not subscribe to these packages.

ufone daily internet package

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Ufone Daily Internet Package Details

Most popular Ufone daily internet packages are Ufone 3G daily special, Ufone 3G daily mega, Ufone 3G daily lite and Ufone 3G daily heavy. The details of Ufone 3G daily packages described below.

1. Ufone 3G Daily Special

  • 50 MB
  • Validity: 1 am to 9 pm
  • Subscription Code: *3461#
  • Package Price: Rs. 5

2. Ufone 3G Daily Mega

  • 1024 MBs
  • Validity: 01 am to 06 am
  • Subscription Code: *2256#
  • Package Price: Rs. 99

3. Ufone 3G Daily Lite

  • 40 MB
  • Validity: 24 hours
  • Subscription Code:*804#
  • Package Price: Rs. 10

4. Ufone 3G Daily Heavy

  • 75 MB
  • Validity: 24 hours
  • Subscription Code: *2258#
  • Package Price: Rs. 15

Ufone Internet Information

  • All are limited time offers and can be modified at any time by Ufone
  • All internet packages are Ufone prepaid customers only.
  • 3G packages are available with the 2G network also.
  • For checking remaining data dial *707#
  • Customers can subscribe weekly internet bundles multiple times a week.
  • Default charges are Rs.20 for first MB and then 19 MB free after that.
  • 3G enabled handset required to get 3G services.
  • You can also activate all internet bundles by dialing *3# code.
  • 3G internet offers can also be used with 2G network.
  • Use biometric verified SIM by PTA.
  • For further inquiries dial Ufone helpline 333.

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