Sky UK Free Cccam Server Test Cline Updated Daily

Sky UK Free Cccam Server Test Cline. Sky UK free test Cline is valid for 24 hours and updated on daily basis. Sky UK is one of the popular TV channels networks in the UK and around the world. The test Cline are collected from fast and reliable Cccam servers and updated on daily basis regularly.

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sky uk free cccam cline test

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Free Test Cline For Sky UK 21-12-18

Free test cline for Sky UK @ 25.5E. Only use one Cline per user, so Clines will be available for other peoples. We collect cline from open source internet and not responsible for any copyright infringement.

  • C: 10000 p8vjt
  • C: 10000 vwvv2
  • C: 10000 dg4gp
  • C: 10000 ohkzy
  • C: 10000 lampr
  • C: 10000 1hh7z
  • C: 10000 p9yo0
  • C: 10000 t73e0
  • C: 10000 9a1em
  • C: 10000 xq1p8
  • C: 10000 6go82
  • C: 10000 4jdih
  • C: 10000 3nqjm
  • C: 10000 6cs3f
  • C: 10000 sfhud
  • C: 10000 n8bky
  • C: 10000 zclnr
  • C: 10000 0xed6
  • C: 10000 y4fqc
  • C: 10000 8byxe
  • C: 10000 cnj1v
  • C: 10000 gfea0
  • C: 10000 p271j
  • C: 10000 0q896
  • C: 10000 20q86

How To Add Cline

If your Cline is C: 30000 p0pz06 is your IP address, 30000 is your service port, p0pz06 is your username and is your password.

The Free test Cline are updated daily. If anybody has copyright issues contact us, we will address them.


  1. hi can u pay for uk cccam line and u get a free test line from pay server

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