Famous Punjabi Proverbs with English Translation

Famous Punjabi Proverbs with English Translation & meaning. Punjabi proverbs are also known as Punjabi sayings or Punjabi Akhan. Most popular Punjabi proverbs are elaborated in Roman English and English in this article. The Punjabi language has a rich collection of Punjabi idioms. The list is driven by a huge collection of Punjabi proverbs and I hope your knowledge of Punjabi provers will improve a great deal after reading these sayings.

Punjabi Proverbs with English Translation

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Punjabi Proverbs with English Translation

Punjabi Proverbs English Meaning
Suno Sab Di Karo Apni. Listen to everyone but do what you consider right.
Aakar Phoon Tay Fittay Munh Nobody welcomes an arrogant pick
Nain Mila K Kadi Chain Nahi Milda Fall in love and embrace restlessness
Ranjha Sabh Da Sanjha It’s the same God everyone looks up to
Bhuk Na Mangay Lazatan Ishq Na Puchay Zaat Hunger asks not for taste, love cares not about the cast
Mann Harami Te Hujjtan Dher When the heart is evil, excuses are many
Jaiday Hath Doi, Bukha Maray Soi The one who holds the spoon, dies of hunger
Sajjan Uh Jerah Munh Tay Sach Aakhe A friend is one who speaks truth to your face.
Gaddi Layna Assan Ae Per Sambhaal Karna Aokha Ae. it is easy to buy a car but is difficult to maintain it.
Gal Lakh dee Karni Kakh di Action speaks louder than words.
Gal Peyaa Dhool Wajanaa Paynda Ae One has to fulfill the commitment which one has promised to carry out.
Ghar Da Jogi Jogra Bahar Da Jogi Sidh A learned person is honored except in their own house.
Tureya Te Appareya You will reach the distance once you start.
Udeek Nalon Kahal Changi It’s better to do it yourself rather than waiting for someone else.
Prayie Aas Aye Na Rass Expectations lead to disappointments.
Aap Buray Taan Jug Bura, Aap Bhalay Taan Jug Bhala Be good and people will be good to you, Be bad and expect the same.
Kothi Wala Roye, Chhappar Wala Soye. The rich are restless, while the poor sleep peacefully.
Baat Badli, Sakh Badli. Change your world and lose your respect.
Tu Vi Rani Main Vi Rani, Kon Bharay Ga Pani. Where everybody wants VIP treatment, nothing gets done.
Dadhe Da Hath Chalay, Marhay Di Zaban. The powerful use of their hand, the week their tongue.
Jehri Mauj Chhaju Day Chobaray, Na Oh Balakh Na Bukharay East or west, home is the best
Changi Hue Tay Apni, Marhi WaheGuru Di. I worked hard if it’s good, God’s will when it’s bad.
Sochi Peya Tay Banda Geya. If you think too much about something, you can’t get it done.
Pallay Nai Dhela, Kardi Mela Mela. Got no money but want to go shopping.
Rann Nu Tay Ann Nu Nindna Nai Chahi Da. Wife and food, one should not speak ill of these.
Jag De Da lakh, Suttay Da Kakh It only the active one make something out of this world.
Neonh Na Lagda Zori Da You can’t make yourself fall in love.
Changi Matt Chaho Tan Budday Nu Puchhan Jao. Need a Good Piece of advice, consult an old person.
Har Sufi Saafi Nai Hunda Careful, not every Sufi is genuine.
Jay Sukh Chahven Jeen Da Khullay Khambeen Udh. Life begins when you are absolutely free.
Ishaq Mjazi Te Tilkan Bazi Love is a risky game.
Annay Kuttay Hirnaa Day Shikari Incompetent person can’t do a tough job.
Jaam di Runn Tay Billi Day Kann. Wealth without use, no wealth

If you know any other Punjabi proverb, write in comments. We will include it in the list.

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