PBO New PowerVU Key on Measat 3A @ 91.5E

PBO New PowerVU Key on Measat 3A @ 91.5E. It is the latest working PowerVU key and we will update the key as it is changed by the channel authorities. So visit the page to get the latest PowerVU key of PBO.

PBO New PowerVU Key on Measat 3A @ 91.5E

PBO PowerVU Key on 07-12-18

PBO frequency on Measat 3A is 3717. Symbol rate 7500 & Polarity H. Measat 3A is available at 91.5 degrees East.

  • Satellite: Measat 3A @ 91.5E
  • Frequency: 3717
  • Symbol Rate: 7500
  • Polarity: H
  • KEY: 00 = 42 BB 5B B4 C9 0F 3C
    KEY: 01 = 0C DE EC BE 42 05 22

Useful Information

  • PowerVu Key is a digit code to unlock scrambled channels on FTA dish.
  • Purchase satellite receiver which has Powervu keys option, otherwise, you will not be able to unlock Powervu keys channels.
  • Go to your required TP to tune your desired channel, if it is not available by default in your receiver add it manually.
  • Symbol rate, polarity & frequency should be the same when you tune your channels.
  • Sometimes keys are changed by the channels administrations, we will update if it will happen.
  • We get Powervu keys from open source, and it is for informational purpose only.

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