Pak News Frequency on Paksat 1R @ 38.0°E

Pak News Frequency on Paksat 1R @ 38.0°E. Pak News TV is recently re-launched TV channel in Pakistan on Paksat. It has recently started its transmissions on Paksat. The administration of Pak News shows their determination to provide reliable news and quality programs.

PAK Media Group is a media business that promises to cause a revolution in Pakistan’s media business. The team is well and the country’s biggest media business since it’s a mass group that generates and distributes industry-leading content over many different platforms to audiences across the globe. Our core goal is to introduce to the entire world an innovative and delicate image of Pakistan and also to just report facts with no fear or favor. PAK has arrived at the mediasphere using a resolute goal to bring forward the innovative side of Pakistan – our homeland, our refuge, our individuality. PAK’s approach won’t ever be to eventually become part of this evaluation race among press channels. Our goal isn’t just to be the very best, but to work for the improvement of Pakistan and its own citizens.

Pak News Frequency on Paksat @ 38.0°E

Pak News Frequency on Paksat @ 38.0°E

The Pak News is available on Paksat IR @ 38 degrees east. The frequency of the channel is 3786, Polarity H & symbol rate is 29500.

  • Satellite: Paksat
  • Degrees: 38E
  • Frequency: 3786
  • Symbol Rate: 29500
  • Polarity: H
  • System: DVB-S2, 8PSK, MPEG-4, HD

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