Best IPTV Service Providers in UK Review

Best IPTV Service Providers in UK Review, We will provide you a list of top rated IPTV service providers in the UK & Ireland. We draw a comparison of these trusted IPTV service provider in terms of prices, channels, and service quality.

iptv service providers in the Uk

Top IPTV Service Providers in the UK

The review of Top-Rated IPTV service providers in the UK & Ireland with key features. One should just get a trail of these services which is available free of cost before purchasing a plan.

1. Set Now IPTV

set now iptv

  • Price: 20$ per month for 3 devices. 3 months 55$, 6 months 110$ & 200$ for 12 months.
  • Supported Devices: Android, MAC, PC, TVs
  • Channels: More than 500 TV channels. View channels list Here.
  • Key Features: Offers unlimited TV with 1080p full HD. Offers 3-days free trial. Set TV Now also offers an affiliate program to refer your friends and get the free reward. Supported staff for any guidelines.

2. Magic IPTV UK

magic iptv

  • Price: €170 for 12 months with MAG 256 w1 set-top box & €150 for 12 months with MAG set-top box.
  • Supported Devices: MAG, Dreamlink T1, Avov, Android, Enigma, Roku, Smart TV and XBMC/KODI
  • Channels: More than 1200 TV channels. View channels list Here.
  • Key Features: Set-top boxes with built-in WIFI. Over 1200 channels, live, VOD & HD channels. Over 2000 movies and updated regularly. One of the best IPTV service in the UK and support all popular set-top boxes. Offers 72 hours trial for your satisfaction. They have one of the most powerful servers in the world.

3. Necro IPTV

necro iptv

  • Price: €9.99 for one month, €19.99 for 3 months & €34.99 for six months & €69.99 for 12 months.
  • Supported Devices: All famous set-top boxes and platforms.
  • Channels: Premium quality HD & SD channels. You can find list Here.
  • Key Features: It is a premium quality IPTV service around the world. The responsive support team for your help. They also provide apps suitable for your devices to get connected. Instant delivery of your order. Powerful servers to provide quality service without freezing.



  • Price: €40 for 3 months, €70 for 6 months & €130 for 12 months
  • Supported Devices: Enigma2, Kodi(XBMC), Windows (VLC), Android, MAG 2XX, Smart TV
  • Channels: A huge collection of HD & SD channels, Videos on demand. View list Here.
  • Key Features: Instant online delivery after payment, updated channels regularly, The channels form UK, USA and all over the world. Reasonable price and works everywhere without any restriction, compatible with all major devices & platforms.

5. Prime IPTV

prime iptv

  • Price: €20 for one month, €40 for 3 months, 60, for six months & 100 for 12 months.
  • Supported Devices: Web TV, Android, MAG, iOS, smart TV. Kodi, VLC.
  • Channels: More than 4200 from Germany, Turkey, England, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA, Arabic, Albanian, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Indian etc. You can view list Here.
  • Key Features: Compatible with all famous devices & platforms, powerful servers to provide maximum up-time without freezing. Excellent support for 24/7 hours, best digital video and audio quality.

6. Buy IPTV

buy iptv

  • Price: $20 for 1 month, $46 for 3 months & $110 for 12 years.
  • Supported Devices: Android devices, Enigma boxes, MAG boxes, XMBC etc.
  • Channels: More than 3000 quality channels, you can view the list Here.
  • Key Features: One of the fastest IPTV, instant delivery, fast and stable service, multiple payment options, free trial. the responsive support team for 24 hours, a wide range of packages, support all major platforms & devices.

7. Choice IPTV

choice iptv

  • Price: €15 for 1 month, €25 for 2 months, €50 for 5 months & €100 for 1 year.
  • Supported Devices: Ipad, iPhone, Android, Kodi, Enigma, VLC play, Smart TV, Xbmc, Linux etc.
  • Channels: More than 2500 channels from the United Kingdom, Greece, Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Scandinavian countries, etc. You can view list Here.
  • Key Features: One of the European IPTV services, offers latest Tv shows, movies & VOD. reliable service with great quality, easy to use. Free trial, detailed instructions tutorial, special discounts for re-sellers, multiple payment options with instant delivery.

Other Top IPTV Service Providers For UK

Sr. IPTV Providers Price/Month Channels List
1. Magic IPTV €19.95 Magic IPTV List
2. Set TV $20.00  Set TV List
3. X IPTV €20.00 X IPTV List
4. Rocket Streams $8.99 Channel List
5. IPTV Sensation €15.00 Sentation List
6. VIP TV €15.00 VIP TV List
7. Need IPTV $17.99 Need IPTV List
8. Best Buy IPTV $7.99 Best Buy IPTV List
9. Magic-IPTV $12.99 Magic-IPTV List
10. Buy IPTV $25.99 Buy IPTV List
11. Expat Television £13.95 Ex Television List
12. Happy IPTV 19.99€ Happy IPTV List
13. IPTV Subs $13.00 IPTV Subs List
14. Best IPTV $12.00 Best IPTV List
15. Eclipse IPTV $18.00 Eclipse IPTV List
16. MaltaIP €10,00 MaltaIP List
17. Talent IPTV €15.00 Talent IPTV List
18. IPTV Stable Sub €12.00 Stable Sub List
19. Secure IPTV €15.99 Secure IPTV List
20. Hero IPTV €20.00 Hero IPTV List
21. Giant IPTV €25.00 Giant IPTV List
22. Todd TV $20.00 Todd TV List
23. Listing IPTV €14.99 Listing IPTV List
24. Turbo IPTV €11.99 Turbo IPTV List
25. Boss IPTV $14.00 Boss IPTV List
26. King IPTV €15.00 King IPTV List
27. IPTV Hosting £6.99 IPTV Hosting List
28. USA IPTV $10.00  USA IPTV List
29. Millennium IPTV $20.00 Millennium List
30. Necro IPTV $12.00 Necro IPTV List

If you know some other reliable IPTV service providers, mention it in comments. We will add them to the list of Top IPTV Service Providers For UK.


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