Best Android Apps For Kids Free Download

If you’re looking for best free apps for children, Android games for children free download, greatest Android apps for toddlers, finest android games for 3-year-olds, best free instructional apps for children, best android games for 10-year-olds etc. Then you’re at the ideal page. The majority of these apps on Google play shop and you get a number of them from different sources.

PBS Kids Games

PBS Kids Games

Younger children will delight in the PBS games which offer a lot of their favorite characters such as Daniel Tiger and the Sesame Street gang. And as you may expect from PBS, lots of the games have an educational theme, which means that your child is learning while they’re having fun. Parents ought to know: PBS Kids Games is totally free without in-app Purchase or ads, and therefore you don’t need to be worried about what your child is getting into while enjoying the games.

Download PBS Kids Games

ABC Kids

It focuses mostly on phonics, learning the alphabet, and a bit of composing. There’s also correspondence fitting, upper and lowercase, and word association. The port makes it more difficult for children to leave the app. Otherwise; it is a really straightforward experience in general. ABC Kids also doesn’t have in-app Purchase, no advertisements, and it is totally free to download. It is one of the better children apps for younger kids. It is somewhat easy for older children.

Download ABC Kids

Kids Doodle

Kids Doodle best android apps for kids free download

Kids Doodle is a drawing and coloring application a whole lot of small ones should love. It sports neon colors on a dark background that’s somewhat reminiscent of the older Light Brights we played as children. Kids can draw and color whatever they need, save it for after, and also create slideshows using their own drawings. It includes 24 brushes such as popular drawing alternatives like the crayon. It’s completely free without an in-app purchase that’s a wonderful touch. It is not bad as much as children apps move.

Download Kids Doodle

Moose Math

Among the wonderful things about younger children is their capacity to be amused by things which are enlightening. This combination gets harder to pull off as children get older, however for our younger children, games can be a terrific way to find subjects such as mathematics. Moose Math is offering entertaining characters and enjoyable games together with basic math questions to allow our children to laugh their way of studying arithmetic.

Download Moose Math

Ant Smasher

Ant Smasher is free app, children and adults can appreciate the vicarious murderous intent. Smash the rodents along with your finger, do not crush the bees, try not to expire. Sound simple? It is not. Addictive fun for children aged four and up, and perfect for building their tails.

Download Ant Smasher

Kids Number and Math

Kids Number and Math

It is an educational application for your children, which enables your kids to join the world of math and numbers and find out them, via a friendly voice, in an enjoyable manner. The game features sounds and images to stimulate the kid, but without developing a confusing surrounding, since the most important issue is to understand. The game progresses in trouble and so reaping advances in math go gradually.

Download Kids Number and Math


ROBLOX is Minecraft for children who’ve grown tired with Minecraft. Heavier on the societal side, ROBLOX could be a challenging game for parents (and younger children ) to comprehend. Basically, it’s a massively multiplayer game of user-created games which may vary from puzzle games to societal simulation games. The game is totally free having an in-game money which may be gotten for real-world bucks to purchase accessories or extra perks.

Download Roblox

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

┬áThe Pokemon Move craze ensnared both adults and kids annually and helped place” augmented reality” on the map. Augmented reality has existed for years now, however, it was largely utilized in apps such as stargazers which use a device’s camera to determine the true location of celebrities. Pokemon Go unites the concept of collecting Pokemon with real-world places where you can simply’see’ that the Pokemon using a smartphone or tablet computer. And though the trend has died down a bit in the previous calendar year, it’s still going fairly strong.

Download Pokemon Go

Kids Zoo Animal Sounds & Photos

Kids Zoo Animal Sounds & Photos will help your kids to recognize and learn more about animals through pictures and the sounds that they make.

Download Kids Zoo Animal Sounds & Photos

Khan Academy

This app isn’t a doubt much more exciting for parents than children, but it could definitely be placed in that must-have group of free Android apps. Khan Academy is essentially free instruction. The app includes lessons and videos which range from elementary school mathematics to physics and outside. Maybe among the biggest stumbling blocks when helping out your kid with assignments is understanding the job. Let us face it, for many of us, it has been some time since we had been in college. Khan Academy can help teach your kid classes or help teach your classes so that you may instruct your youngster.

Download Khan Academy

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