Avoid 8 Things on Facebook Which Are Annoying For Others

Facebook is now being used more than passionate and social networking website will have accounts of people around the globe. The number of your friend list will certainly be quite a long, but have you ever thought that other person’s assessment of you while using Facebook. Whatever you post on your Facebook account is visible to every friend. So all Facebook users should avoid these 8 mistakes which are annoying for others and project you negatively on Facebook.

avoid annoying things on facebook

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Showing Personal Details on Facebook

Many Facebook users share their personal information on the Facebook wall or in comments, such people should use the messenger. Sharing personal information anywhere, not good on the basis of moral but also the risk for you.

Do not use X characters in every word

People are very keen to write X letters in their own words, for example, if we write pic instead of the picture it is good. But writing Pix is annoying for many Facebook users.

A Sudden Picture was Taken and Got Good

Many people share their photos on Facebook and tell us that this picture took in a sudden and came good. All we know before sharing pictures with friends on Facebook how many attempts are taken, so leave it to lie.

Writing Words Incorrectly

People are fond of becoming smart in front of each other. But writing cool as kewl makes many people annoying, change the habit because it presents your personality negatively.

Tagging all your Friends on your Photo

Well, you have to share an excellent picture on your timeline, but it’s not okay to tag your entire friend list, maybe someone is troubling the notifications on this photo.

Selfie in the Bathroom

Everyone knows that due to good lighting in the bathroom, the selfie can be very good, but sharing it on Facebook is not good for your positive personality. Choose a clean and good place for your selfie.

Add your Friend’s Friend

Do you know how embarrassing for your friend if you send a friend request to your friend’s friend? So do not add your friend’s friend without the friend’s permission.

Capitalize all Letters

If you think that writing in capital letter is ok, it is your fault, the message whose characters are written in the Capital can disturb the reader.

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