Animax HD PowerVU Key on Measat 3A @ 91E

Animax HD PowerVU Key on Measat 3A @ 91E. Powervu Keys of Animax HD on Measat 3A @ 91E. It is working Powervu Keys of Animax HD. The details of Animax HD PowerVU keys, frequency, symbol rate & polarity mentioned below.

animax hd powervu key

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Animax HD PowerVU Key on Measat 3A

Animax HD Powervu key frequency on Measat 3A is 4120, Symbol rate 29720 & Polarity V. Measat 3A is available at 91 degrees east.

  • Satellite: Measat 3A
  • Channel Name: Animax HD
  • Frequency: 4120
  • Symbol Rate: 29720
  • Polarity: V
  • PowerVu Key 00:     59 37 40 EA 8A 04 F6
  • PowerVu Key 01:     70 1D B9 E5 94 63 11

Useful Tips

  • PowerVu Key is an alphanumeric code to unlock scrambled channels on FTA dish.
  • Purchase satellite receiver which has Powervu keys option, otherwise, you will not be able to unlock Powervu keys channels.
  • Go to your required TP to tune your desired channel, if it is not available by default in your receiver add it manually.
  • Symbol rate, polarity & frequency should be the same when you tune your channels.
  • Sometimes keys are changed by the channels administrations, we will update if it will happen.
  • We get Powervu keys from open source, and it is for informational purpose only.

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