AbS-2A HD Channels List with Frequency @ 74.9° East

AbS-2A HD Channels List with Frequency @ 74.9° East. On this page, we will provide you the details of all HD channels on AbS-2A @ 74.9E. We have listed the channels TP wise. Most of the channels are not FTA and scrambled. You can unlock these channels with Cccam cline which can be purchased from the Cccam server holders.

AbS-2A HD Channels List with Frequency @ 74.9° East

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AbS-2A HD Channels List

Below is the chart of all HD channels available on AbS-2A. The channels are listed with TPs, Frequency and symbol rate.  We will update the list when the new channels introduced.

TP SR Channels
10985 H
35007 Satellite Television
Tlum HD
Planeta HD
Russkiy Roman HD
Travel+Adventure HD
Telekanal 360В° HD
Motorsport TV HD
Fan HD
11045 H
35007 Satellite Television
Dom Kino Premium HD
11490 V
7500 Mir 24 HD
11473 V
22500 GeoTelecommunications
Mir Premium HD
11559 V
22000 Sony Channel Russia HD
Mir HD
11740 V
45000 MTS TV
Insight UHD
Fashion 4K
Russian Extreme Ultra HD
Eurosport 4K
11980 V
45000 MTS TV
Rossiya 1 HD (0h)
Perviy kanal HD (0h)
Travel Channel HD
Fashion One HD
Russkij Extreme HD
Fine Living HD
Match! HD
H2 Asia HD
Boollywood HD
Food Network HD
1HD Music Television
12040 V
45000 MTS TV
Paramount Channel Russia HD
Eurosport 1 Russia HD
Fox Life Russia HD
Fox Russia HD
Discovery Science HD Russia
Spike Russia HD
AutoPlus HD
Eurosport 2 Russia HD
Shalun HD
Travel+Adventure HD
Investigation Discovery Russia HD
Dikaya Ohota HD
Dikaya Rybalka HD
RT English HD
RTG TV HD (Russian Travel Guide)
Teledom HD
12100 V
45000 MTS TV
Animal Planet Russia HD
Nat Geo Wild HD
TLC Russia HD
Amedia Premium HD
Match! Premier HD
History Russia HD
Muzhskoe kino HD
Kinopremyera HD
Amedia Hit HD
12133 H
12684 Fox Networks Group
FX HD Middle East
Fox Movies Action HD Middle East
Fox Family Movies HD Middle East
12160 V
45000 MTS TV
Discovery Channel Russia HD
National Geographic Russia HD
12533 H
45000 MongolSat
MNB World HD
12533 V
44950 GeoTelecommunications
Fox Life Russia HD
Fox Russia HD
National Geographic Russia HD
Nat Geo Wild Russia HD
Regional Fox Life HD
Regional Fox HD
Geographic Regional National  HD
Regional Nat Geo Wild HD
12588 H
45000 MongolSat
NHK World Japan HD
MyZen TV

These are the latest frequencies of HD channels. Write in comments for further inquiries for specific channels.

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