SMS Bundles

Ufone SMS Packages & Offers

Ufone sms packages & offers on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Ufone has introduced a wide range of sms bundles, most by any network in Pakistan. Most popular Ufone sms packages are Ufone daily package, fortnightly package, unlimited package, yearly sms package, Uth sms fnf package, weekly sms bucket, daily on-net sms package, night package

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Zong SMS Packages & Offers

Zong SMS packages & offers on daily weekly and monthly basis. Most popular Zong sms bundles are daily sms + whatsapp bundle, zulu sms bundle, weekly sms bundle, fortnightly sms bundle and monhtly sms + whatsapp bundle. All Zong sms packages are auto recursive and will be reactivated automatically if you have sufficient balance. 1. Zong Daily SMS +

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Telenor Djuice SMS Packages & Offers

Telenor Djuice SMS packages and offers on daily, weekly & monthly basis. Telenor Djuice offers SMS bundles at very cheap price as low as 2 rupees daily. Most popular Djuice sms packages are Daily messaging bundle, Weekly messaging bundle, 15 days messaging bundle, monthly messaging bundle and sms minutes bundles. 1. Djuice Daily Messaging Bundle Activate djuice daily sms bundle and stay

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