Best IPTV Service Providers In The USA Review

Best IPTV Service Providers in USA Review. We will provide you with a list of top rated IPTV service providers in the United States. We draw a comparison of these trusted IPTV service provider in terms of prices, channels, and service quality.

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iptv service providers in the USA

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Top IPTV Service Providers in the USA

The review of Top-Rated IPTV service providers in the USA with key features. One should just get a trail of these services which is available free of cost before purchasing a plan.

1. Set Tv Now IPTV

set now iptv

  • Price: 20$ per month for 3 devices.
  • Supported Devices: Android, MAC, PC, TVs
  • Channels: More than 500 TV channels. View channels list Here.
  • Key Features: Offers unlimited TV with 1080p full HD. Offers 3-days free trial. Set TV Now also offers an affiliate program to refer your friends and get the free reward. Supported staff for any guidelines.

2. Necro IPTV

necro iptv

  • Price: 12$ for one month, 25$ for 3 months & 45$ for six months & 80$ for 12 months.
  • Supported Devices: All famous set-top boxes and platforms.
  • Channels: Premium quality HD & SD channels. You can find list Here.
  • Key Features: It is a premium quality IPTV service around the world. The responsive support team for your help. They also provide apps suitable for your devices to get connected. Instant delivery of your order. Powerful servers to provide quality service without freezing.

3. IPTV Subs

iptv subs

  • Price: 13$ for one month, 37$ for 3 months, 70$ for six months & 132$ for yearly package.
  • Supported Devices: IPTV STB, Android TV, Web player, Kodi, Plex, Amazon Fire TV.
  • Channels: Offers a huge collection of English, Sports, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, Italian & international channels. View complete list Here.
  • Key Features: IPTV Subs offers the one-day free trial. Offers a wide range of channels worldwide. Covers all important sporting & other events. Dedicated support staff for your assistance.

4. Buy IPTV Server

buy iptv server

  • Price: 60$ for a yearly subscription for one device & 105$ for two devices.
  • Supported Devices: Mag Set-top boxes, Avov Set-top boxes, Android Set-top boxes, Roku, Smart TV, Apple TV, Windows, Linux, MAC.
  • Channels: A wide selection of channels Including USA, UK, Latin American, Indian, Pakistani, Europian TV Channels, Thousands of on-demand HD movies.
  • Key Features: They Offers hundreds of HD international channels, Support a wide range of devices & platforms. Powerful servers to provide maximum uptime.

5. Magic IPTV

magic iptv

  • Price: 23$ for one month, 55$ for 3 months & & 150$ for a year.
  • Channels:
  • Supported Devices: Android, MAG boxes, XBMC addon, Enigma2 Box etc.
  • Channels: Over 4000 channels. You can find list Here.
  • Key Features: Premium HD quality channels & on-demand videos. Magic IPTV also offers the affiliate program to get incentives for referring others. TV channels from all over the globe like USA, UK, Asia, Latin America, Africa. TV channels of all categories like sports, music, news, infotainment, entertainment etc.

6. Set IPTV

set iptv

  • Price: 20$ per month, 3 months 55$, 6 months 110$ & 200$ for 12 months.
  • Supported Devices: Android boxes 5.1 or higher, Android smartphones & set-top boxes of SP-110 Amazon FireBox, MAC & Windows.
  • Channels: More than 500 hundred premium channels. You can find list Here.
  • Key Features: They offer a free trial for 3 days without credit card requirement. You can also buy the set-top box of sleek design in 100$ only. They offer an affiliate program to get the reward for your referrals. They are a bit costly as compared to other IPTV but the service is awesome.


usa iptv

  • Price: 10$ per month, 25$ for 3 months & 60$ for 12 months.
  • Supported Devices: Kodi, Android, iOS, Windows, Samsung Smart Tv, Roku.
  • Channels: You can view channels list Here.
  • Key Features: Supporting a high device list, powerful servers to provide maximum uptime & no freeze. Plays thousands of on-demand videos & plays, also broadcast famous sporting events including MLB Innins, NBA League Pass, NFL Sunday etc.

8. Millennium IPTV

millennium iptv

  • Price: 150$ for set-top box & 100$ for 12 months plan.
  • Contact number: (727) 505-0483
  • Channels: More than 1000 channels. You can view channels list Here.
  • Key Features: Offers the best quality 5G 4K Set-top box in 150$ you can use your own box by calling on contact number with MAC address. Over 1000 quality national & international channels.

Other Top IPTV Service Providers For USA

Sr. IPTV Providers Price/Month Channels List
1. Magic IPTV €19.95 Magic IPTV List
2. Set TV $20.00  Set TV List
3. X IPTV €20.00 X IPTV List
4. Rocket Streams $8.99 Channel List
5. IPTV Sensation €15.00 Sentation List
6. VIP TV €15.00 VIP TV List
7. Need IPTV $17.99 Need IPTV List
8. Best Buy IPTV $7.99 Best Buy IPTV List
9. Magic-IPTV $12.99 Magic-IPTV List
10. Buy IPTV $25.99 Buy IPTV List
11. Expat Television £13.95 Ex Television List
12. Happy IPTV 19.99€ Happy IPTV List
13. IPTV Subs $13.00 IPTV Subs List
14. Best IPTV $12.00 Best IPTV List
15. Eclipse IPTV $18.00 Eclipse IPTV List
16. MaltaIP €10,00 MaltaIP List
17. Talent IPTV €15.00 Talent IPTV List
18. IPTV Stable Sub €12.00 Stable Sub List
19. Secure IPTV €15.99 Secure IPTV List
20. Hero IPTV €20.00 Hero IPTV List
21. Giant IPTV €25.00 Giant IPTV List
22. Todd TV $20.00 Todd TV List
23. Listing IPTV €14.99 Listing IPTV List
24. Turbo IPTV €11.99 Turbo IPTV List
25. Boss IPTV $14.00 Boss IPTV List
26. King IPTV €15.00 King IPTV List
27. IPTV Hosting £6.99 IPTV Hosting List
28. USA IPTV $10.00  USA IPTV List
29. Millennium IPTV $20.00 Millennium List
30. Necro IPTV $12.00 Necro IPTV List

If you know some other reliable IPTV service providers, mention it in comments. We will add them to the list of Top IPTV Service Providers For USA.


  1. MILatino TV , con su versatil contenido, por Vubiquity

  2. USAIPTV is not a good service, The majority of the channels do not work and the guide will not populate all the channels and the customer support is terrible. Don’t waste your time and money

  3. Check out Excursion TV

    • Thanks for that suggestion, their stream speed and quality is really good and the guide syncs fast and is accurate so far, unlike most others i’ve tried.

    • It is 6:22pm EST on Monday. I have yet to get any response from Excursion TV, to my email sent early yesterday. My service initially worked on Saturday, hours

      It is now 6:26pm EST on Monday. My Excursion TV service is not working and I have yet to get a response from them in regards to my email sent early yesterday. I purchased a monthly subscription on Saturday. The service did not work. I sent an email. Hours later, I received a response and the service was fixed. Yesterday, I attempted to watch a program and could not get any service. I sent another couple of emails. Service is still not working and no one has responded. I had told a few people about the service. I hope they did not subscribe. I will never recommend this service to anyone. If it gets fixed, I will use it until my subscription ends. However, that will be the first and last subscription. I will begin searching for another service. I have enjoyed not paying $200 per month for cable and internet.

    • Susan Markantonakis

      excursion Tv?

  4. Curious how they can rate Set TV Now as # 1 considering that a lawsuit was brought against them in April 2018 for copyright infringement by Amazon, Netflix and Hollywood. The amount od damages being sought could possibly put them out of business if not just affect their offering

  5. Ernesto Ortiz-Chirinos

    IPTsubs are scammers I bought services 10 days ago and still they have not deliver keep on sending emails
    and they said due to the flood of tickets they get back to me still waiting. I’ll reporting them to my credit card company. Don’t deal with them.

  6. I use tubeTvUsa
    they are reliable and trust worthy.
    Email them or call them

    all info on their site!

  7. I recently subscribed to Excursion TV. My free trial worked ok. I decided to purchase a monthly subscription. I have had nothing but trouble with the service. The only way to contact them is by email. They are only available on weekdays, so there is no help on the weekends.

    Dissatisfied Customer!

  8. Forgot to mention. I had SeTV for about 10 months before the service went out this past Thursday night. Their website and telephone message direct you to send an email. I sent an email but have yet to get a response. Others have also sent emails with the same results. That is the reason why I started searching for another provider. Unfortunately, I am not happy with Excursion TV, as I stated in another post.

  9. It has been two (2) weeks since I signed up for Excursion TV. When my service did not work, I created a support ticket to request assistance. To date, I have not received a response. I also requested a refund. Again, absolutely no response.

    Do not subscribe to Excursion TV. My experience with them has been horrible!

  10. Has anyone used MyWiFi TV? What has your experience been? Any Complaints?

  11. Subscribed to Best IPTV USA- Could not activate…Brutal Tech Support…don’t recommend this Provider….

  12. STAY AWAY FROM KODI SOLUTIONS!! it’s a joke. It’s only $5 a month so I thought I’d save some $$. Whatever I saved wasn’t worth the aggravation. The site sucks. Constant buffering, in addition to being tiresome to navigate the EPG has incorrect info – the program listed isn’t what shows, it frequently shuts itself down and returns to the main menu, and a lot of the programs showing on the EPG will not play. My WiFi is strong and plays Netflix and other services with no problem so that’s not the problem. I’m sorry I wasted $5 on the service but I’m glad it was only $5.

  13. Have you forgot FitIPTV Provider? I’m using their service and its really stable.

  14. Hi there, I want to subscribe for this blog to
    take newest updates, therefore where can i do it please
    help out.

  15. I have been with Steady IPTV from the USA and they channels are great quality. I used to be with Necro tbh but my buddy was with Steady so I swapped over and havn’t looked back yet. I highly recommend to say they are not on the list.

  16. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your
    efforts and I am waiting for your further post thank
    you once again.

  17. I am using they are best in customer support also they have 7000+ channel 10000+ vod 1000+adult channel and more also price is good with paypal payment

  18. “Perfect choice for people who looking for lifetime iptv subscription at low price, i been with them 1 years now”

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