Warid Social Connection LTE Social Package

Warid Daily Social Bundle daily internet package for prepaid customers. The offer is valid for LTE, 3G and 2G service areas. Stay connected to your loved ones for the whole day through social media sites Facebook and WhatsApp. Most commonly subscribed Warid internet bundles are Warid daily browser, Warid weekly browser, Warid 3-day browser, Warid monthly browser, Warid 3-day extreme, Warid weekly extreme, Warid weekly streamer, Warid monthly streamer, Warid monthly premium, Warid monthly supreme.

 jazz daily social bundle

Warid Daily Social Bundle Details

Warid daily social bundle is best daily offer for social media addicts. The subscribers will get 50 MBs LTE internet for Facebook and WhatsApp. The price of the bundle is only rupees 7. Dial *114*5# string code to activate and *114*5*2# for checking remaining MBs.

  • Data ⇒ 50 MBs for Facebook & WhatsApp
  • Price ⇒ Rs. 7
  • Validity ⇒ 1 Day
  • Subscription Code ⇒ *114*5#
  • Status Code ⇒ *114*5*2#

Useful Information

  1. It is limited time offer and subjects to change its terms and prices at any time by Warid.
  2. Internet bundles will not auto resubscribe, You have to subscribe again upon expiry.
  3. Offer is available for Warid prepaid customers only.
  4. 4G internet bundles will be available with 2G and 3G service also.
  5. The bundle will be deactivated if a customer changes his price plan.
  6. Beware of default rate which is Rs. 3.59 per MB after consuming your bundle.
  7. Dial bundle status code for free to check remaining MBs for free.
  8. Dial *100# to check your balance, the charges of the services is only 12 paisas.
  9. Dial *112# to get the advance balance of Rs. 15 if you are running out of balance, service charges are rupees 3.29 including tax which will be deducted from your next recharge.
  10. To stop unwanted SMS from anyone, write sender’s number in new SMS and send it to 9000.
  11. It is your responsibility to use biometric verified SIM to avoid any security concerns.
  12. Dial Warid 321 helpline for any further inquiries.

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