How to Play IPTV M3U Playlist on VLC Player

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Play IPTV on VLC Player Video Tutorial

How To Play IPTV M3U Playlist on VLC

VLC player is one of the best players to stream IPTV M3U & M3U8 links. It is open source software and you can download it free from their official website very easily. Follow one of these two methods to play IPTV M3U links on VLC player.

Method 1

If you have M3U links URL then follow these easy steps to stream M3U links on your PC.

1. Open VLC player and click on Media and then click on Open Network Stream.

play iptv on VLC 1

2. Now paste your M3U links URL in the box as shown below and press the Play button.

play iptv on VLC 2

3. Your list will be loaded in few seconds and your channels will start streaming.

play iptv on VLC 3

4. Click on the Toggle Playlist button to view full screen or exit full-screen option

5. Click Loop button twice to avoid channels skipping in your M3U playlist.

Method 2

If you have download M3U file on your computer then follow these simple steps to play them.

1. Just double click on your downloaded M3U file and your playlist will be loaded in few seconds.

2. If you are in list view mode click on your desired channel and start enjoying watching channels.

3. Rest of the steps are same as shown in the above-mentioned method.

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